Richard Kasoian from Frontiers

This is an interview I did with my good friend, and lead singer/guitar player of Windsor’s ‘Frontiers’. They are amazing dudes and good friends of ours.


1- Let’s begin with basics, who are you, and what is your role in Frontiers?

– Well I am Richard Kasoian. I am one half of the main writers for Frontiers,

I share lead guitar responsibilities with Maxwell McAuley, also I am the lead singer.

2- Who are the rest of the folks in your band?

– The current batch is myself, Maxwell McAuley, Nathan Pryor and Kain Brown.

3- How did Frontiers come together as a band?

– We started because I had just separated with my prior (fast punk) band and

had a bunch of side material I could never use in that old band. I decided to recruit

a new friend of mine to play bass (Matt Ray). From there we ended up scraping the

old material and writing from scratch.

4- Can you explain the origin of your band name?

-Essentially a Frontier is an area close to a boundary. Being from Windsor Ontario

we border Detroit Michigan which holds significance to me in a lot of ways.

5-Up to this point in your career, what has been the most satisfying show you have played?

-At least for me, the one that felt the best was the cd release for our first ep “Illusions”. It was the largest turn out we’ve had and it was our cd release.

6- We’ve known you guys for a long time, and we know the band has been up and down. Was there ever a point where you didn’t think you’d want to do it anymore?

– We’ve been through a lot of member changes for lots of reasons and every time we have to start over and teach new people all the songs or adapt our style to suit new members its hard. All the money, and time and lack of recognition. The constant proving ourselves, the failed plans, broken promises, un-returned emails… All the time I want to walk away, but you can’t, if you really love the music and playing for people, as soon as I finnish a recording or step onto a stage or come up with a great idea with Max. You just fucking deal with it.

7- If you could pick one song out of your catalogue, which would be the one your are most proud of? Lyrically, musically or other.

-Probably the new song we just released ‘‘Years’’. Lyrically it was my way of cutting off a certain subject of lyrics for me. As well musically the song does a lot of things i’m super proud of, as well I tried a lot of things vocally I was either to scared or incapable of doing before. I’m not a great singer but like everything in Frontiers we try really fucking hard.

8- Every band has had that ”night” where things just aren’t right, vibes are wrong, instrument/gear failure etc. Have you guys had one of those nights?

– Oh god, I think we’ve had more of those nights then any others. There a few that really stand out. If you talk to some people who have been in Frontiers and bring up “The Keek Show” most likely they will cringe or laugh and roll there eyes. I think everything went wrong that night from playing out of key to forgetting parts to not a soul turning up. Between that, there has been a plethora of amps not plugged in, guitars being forgotten, tubes dying, guitars not in tune and words forgotten.

9- When you write new stuff, who do you bounce ideas off of? Just your own members, or do you throw demos out outside of the band for opinions?

-Most of the time I will toss around a riff on my acoustic to myself for a few weeks, then I’ll bring it to Max usually while hanging out, and we see if we can turn it into something, after that we bring it to the band at practice.


10- You guys have done some touring, any terrible van stories?

-Haha well with a van we soldered together, the thing has some quirks. Our back seats are from a different van and ride too high so you have to either sit bent over or laying low so you don’t hit your head on the van roof. Other than that we played a show in Toronto in the midst of a huge snow storm when the heat stopped working in one of the vans we brought, and on our main band van the roads were so slippery we had to creep down one extra steep hill.

11- Every band has played with another band who thought they were number one. What is the douchiest band you’ve shared the stage with.

-Anu Beginning. HAHAHA jk. (ed- you guys are dicks). Seriously though, Frontiers hates a few things.

-Bands who show up late

-Bands who don’t stay for the other bands

-Bands who think they are bigger than they are

Look I don’t wan’t to name names but we’ve played some rad shows where almost all the bands have been amazing and great to talk to. In the end we’ve only really not like one band, if you want to know just ASK us.

12- What local bands influenced you as you began the band, and now?

-I think we wouldn’t write the way we do if it wasn’t for the amazing scene Windsor has. I can’t stress enough how good the bands here are. First the band Bullet Proof Tiger, if it wasn’t for them I may have never known tapping could be in music thats not hair metal. Orphan Choir for sure because that fucking tone Kyle has was something I’ve strived for a long time. As well Kid Brother helped our live performance by really showing us how to put it all out there.

13- Growing up, I think every musician, myself included, had that one band that they wanted to be. What was yours?

-I think it was Moneen. I fucking loved that band. I think honestly I wanted to be in Blurt since the moment I started going to local shows though. At the time they weren’t big anywhere besides our small local scene, but people loved that band, they knew every word to every song (myself included) and I wanted that.

14- As a lyricist, I often get writers block, and can’t write for huge chunks of time. Do you ever fall into this, and likewise, how do you get over it?

-I get it a lot, especially writing in the same key or using the same cords. I usually just have to take some time away and work on other stuff for the band.

15- What do you guys do to stick out of the pack of mediocre artist emerging?

-I think we are such a miss mash of music styles. I left a fast punk band, our second guitarist and our drummer and bassist are from the Hardcore and Pop Punk scene, and yet we play rootsy punk indie.

16- Every band has their favourite place for pre/post show eats. What restaraunt do you guys stop at the most eats?


17- Being in a band, In know this feeling. If there was one person in your band who you could take in a wrestling rig for 5 minutes to blow off some steam, who would it be?

-Max… he’d rip me apart but… definitely Max.

18- Bands often have a lot of free time pre show. You load in, then have nothing to do for 3 or 4 hours until you play. How do you guys occupy your time?

-FOOD, we get what ever is close. There is a pizza shop below rancho relax thats hot as balls but the slice is like bigger than your head.

19- Most bands have a family dynamic. In Frontiers, whos the dad, mom, etc.

-Me and max are 2 dads in every way a family with 2 dads could be. Nate is the baby who we love no matter what he does, and Kain is the prettiest daughter so keep you eyes off her! (ed- he is gorgeous)

20- If you described your band dynamic as a sitcom group (Friends, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld etc) who would it be? 

Fuck sitcoms, we are like if Game of Thrones had a baby with the fucking Walking Dead.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the truth.


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