Adam Lambert from Farewell To Freeway

Adam from Farewell to Freeway took some time to answer these questions for me. For anyone who knows me, you will know these guys are one of my favourite bands ever. If you don’t know them, do yourself a favour and check them out!


1- Let’s begin with basics, who are you, and what is your role in Farewell to Freeway?

-My name is Adam Lambert and i am the vocalist of the band Farewell to Freeway.

2- Who are the rest of the folks in your band?

-Chris Lambert, Drew Harwood and Kyle Amos

3- Farewell to Freeway began back in 2002, what was the dynamic working with your brother Chris back then, compared to now?

-Back when i joined the band, I was coming in and playing the old bass payers parts for the first little while. Eventually I started writing my own parts and contributing to new songs. Now I write a lot more lyrical content then song structure. But I still through the bass on and add my two cents.

4- We first played with you guys in our bands infancy, right around the time ‘Definitions’ came out. You played bass, and provided vocals. When did you realize you wanted to focus on being a frontman and pass the bass on?

-I had thought about it from time to time, but it was really the other guys who came to me and made it go from a thought to an idea to a reality.

5-Up to this point in your career, what has been the most satisfying show you have played?

-Hard to say, but playing CBGB”s in NYC before it closed down was probably one of the greatest moments. To play such a legendary venue with friends and family in the audience was just amazing.

6- Your sound has shifted quiet a bit over your career. I know we’ve always been afraid of what ”core” fans will say when we put out a new record, and it doesn’t sound like the last one. How do you respond to criticism that your ”first record was the best” or ”I don’t like the new direction”. 

-Meh. I don’t expect everyone to like everything we have put out. If our tastes and writing styles change, i just hope for the best and that people will enjoy it. 

7- If you could pick one song out of your catalogue, which would be the one your are most proud of? Lyrically, musically or other.

-Not speaking for the rest of the band but I would have to pick, No Fate No End (ONLY TIME WILL TELL 2009). Its just a super fun song to play. It just has a solid structure with catchy and heavy parts making it my fave!

8- Every band has had that ”night” where things just aren’t right, vibes are wrong, instrument/gear failure etc. Have you guys had one of those nights?

Plenty! When you tour and play shows almost every night our set gets tighter but sometimes gear “shits the bed”, moods get dampened, shit happens. The important thing is you still get up and giver!!

9- Chris and Drew are two of my favourite guitar players, I love the way their playing interwinds with one another. What is the songwriting like musically. Do you guys come up with demos and pass them around, do you write songs complete and present them to everyone else?

-Over the years we’ve changed our writing styles. We all have our own rigs at home now. So we usually will record ideas/parts/full songs on our own then showcase them for the band and choose what we like and jam those tunes to brainstorm structures and stuff. Then record it again and again til we have what we would call the final demo.

10- You guys have done some heavey touring, any terrible van stories?

-Back in March 2008, we had just finished a tour and were driving home from Connecticut on Interstate 80 in upstate NY. It was late and most of us were asleep. We hit a patch of black ice and went into a violent fish tail. The trailer swung around and slapped the side of the van. If we didn’t have a fully loaded trailer attached we most likely would have flipped into the ditch. it was pretty scary. Drew being the heavy sleeper he is didn’t even wake up.

11- Has there been a nightmare tour you’ve been on?

-I don’t think I can say any have been a nightmare. Some drives between dates for sure have been a nightmare!

12- You guys are from down the 401 in Guelph. What is the music scene there like compared to what it was ten years ago when you guys began the first version of FIIF.

-Well its hard to say because we’ve all aged 10 years so my perspective of the ‘scene’ is slightly skewed. But all in all i think its pretty much the same. Punks will still be punks and kids will still keep going to shows.


13- The band was originally called simply ”Farewell”. What prompted the change to ”Farewell To Freeway”?

-Originally when i joined the band we were called ‘Freeway’. Once we tried to start getting legitimate we received legal documents that a artist had already gotten rights to the name. We were starting to change the bands format and music style at the time so we chose “goodbye to the old and hello to the new” 

Thus Farewell to Freeway.

14- As a lyricist, I often get writers block, and can’t write for huge chunks of time. Do you ever fall into this, and likewise, how do you get over it?

-I have fallen into “writers block’ from time to time. I usually just let it go for a time and come back to it when I have something to write about. I don’t like to force lyrics.

15- You guys always have great merch. My personal favourite is the ‘Jager Bombs and Hot Moms’ shirt. Who does your merch and art designs?

-I do all our merch designs, but the ideas can come from anyone in the band. The Jager shirt was made in the van on tour. It started as a joke and has become a staple at our merch table.

16- Every band has their favourite place for pre/post show eats. What restaraunt do you guys stop at the most eats?

-We eat Mcd’s way too much on tour!

17- Being in a band, In know this feeling. If there was one person in your band who you could take in a wrestling rig for 5 minutes to blow off some steam, who would it be?

-Chris for sure! He’s my older brother, and the thought of just owning him in the ring would make me feel good.

18- Bands often have a lot of free time pre show. You load in, then have nothing to do for 3 or 4 hours until you play. How do you guys occupy your time?

-Usually either hanging out with friends, drinking, and shooting the shit. If all else fails we sit and wait.


19- Most bands have a family dynamic. In FIIF, whos the dad, mom, etc.

-We all take the mom position at different times. Usually depends who’s been drinking.

20- If you described your band dynamic as a sitcom group (Friends, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld etc) who would it be?

-Seinfeld for every reason that show existed.


Seriously, check this band out. They are no bullshit.


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