Devin Bond from Lost In Line/ SPNP

We met Devin and the Lost In Line guys a while ago. Awesome dudes, super fun to play shows with. They brought us a roasted chicken once. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what love is. Devin also sings in SPNP. If you don’t know either band, check ’em out. London represent!


1-Who are you, and what do you do in Lost In Line and Snow Pants Or No Pants?

-I am a nice guy named Devin Bond. In Snow pants or No Pants I do vocals. We have been around for 5+ years now and make some chill tunes. In Lost in Line I am also vocalist, I scream my ass off and use singing skills I have gained from SPNP to do the rest. I love the type of music we create in both bands. Really proud of it.

2-Let’s start with Lost in Line. Who are the rest of the guys in the band?

-Lost in Line consists of 2 guitars, obviously bass and guitar. We got Dan the hamburgler rockin’ out on bass. Ben F and Zack fuckin’ up guitar and well… we have no drummer anymore as of recently. Matt Delaney is the original drummer. Great dude.

3-And in Snow Pants Or No Pants…who does what?

-In SPNP we’ve got basically the guys since day 1, except for me. I joined later on. Stefan Loebus, one of the best drummers I have ever met is on the drums, sexy Karl Wiwatowski on guitar and the chef Dave Herba on bass. 

4-The bands are incredibly different, how do you go from fronting a metal band to doing an indie rock thing?

Hmm, never thought about that one. Well I have always listened to all music.. I guess it is because I originally just sang but listened to metal music alot, until I realized holy hell I need to learn how to do metal vocals. Its what I love. I can let my emotions out even more! Ever since the day i decided that, I have constantly been screaming and trying to get better at it.

5-SPONP has a great mixture of sounds. I hear Red Hot Chili Peppers, Panic at the Disco, Sublime….what do you guys draw from when writing tunes?

-Oh man, when me and those dudes make music it is the best thing. We just pump out our feelings but within the limits of what the band is about. So ya, typical answer, but we just play what we think sounds good. But then again sometimes we will be like “woah that sounds to much like the Chili Peppers” and scrap the song.

6-More importantly, the name is great. Who came up with it?

-HA! well the original guys made the name up before I joined. I am talking years before I joined. Stefan said that him and his buddy Dylan were just walking in Dorchester one night when they were younger and the name came up in a conversation. We are actually trying to drown out the full name and just Rock the acronym now ( S.P.N.P). People that like our music can dig and figure out what SPNP actually stands for.

7-The venues/shows you play with SPONP is obviously way different from what you’d play with in Lost In Line. How do the crowds differ from indie rock to metal?

-Well I know you have not been to a SPNP show, we have one coming up and its gonna be great you should come see what the crowd is like. I guarantee it will be different then you expect. Once we had a show with good friends and fans and they went nuts. not to the point of moshing obviously but they were singing still and moving. My vocals in some SPNP songs are hard live, like RATM style.

8-What is the coolest show you’ve played with Snow Pants….?

-Coolest show would have to be a Norma Jeans show. Just, we had a lot of support that night. We also did a lil gig for DSRI which was actually really cool and a lot of fun at a pool hall.

9-We’ve gotten to play with Lost In Line, and you guys are a blast. What are some of the coolest shows you’ve been in with them?

– A really cool Lost in Line shows would obviously be with Anu Beginning at The Music Box, a not so well known venue in London. All the bands were great and this one band from Europe was there on tour they are called “In League” check ‘em out people. Another great show was when we played at a youth club or whatever and there was a lot of younger metal heads there. They get so into it and are not worried about what people think when they move around or raise their fist in the air. Your band played at both those shows as well, so maybe that is why they were so cool.


10-You guys play a ton of shows, and drive quite a bit. Has your van ever let you down on the side of the 401?

We suck and do not even have a van. Worst thing that has happened is driving the total opposite direction of a venue on the 401 for like a good while…

11-What has been the wildest show LIL has been on?

Wildest show that Lost in Line has done while I have been in the band. Man I dunno, like these guys have played with big bands before I joined. I’m talking Memphis Mayfire, Attack Attack!, WCAR, Winds Of  Plague, Die Atlantic…. So I yet have to play a really crazy show. It is gonna happen this month, we have 3 shows with great bands and good turnouts.

12-You aren’t the original vocalist for LIL. What is it like coming into a band as a vocalist, after the songs have already been written?

Ahhh I like that question. I could write a book about that question. It was cool, like I felt good about doing Lost in Line songs that were already written. Lets just say it was a honor and was a big task, I ended up improvising a few times. At the same time though there is nothing like the feeling of screaming your own vocals, especially when you are proud of them.

13-You’r two bands go kind of left and right vocally. One is more melodic singing, the other is aggressive screaming. How do you keep your vocal chords from blowing out?

I just go all out everytime. When i sing “melodically” I am always pushing my vocals hard, dude. I can’t hit certain notes without going all out. In my free free time i scream more than sing. singing is a relief but wow it still strains the chords. My endurance will only get better too

14-If you could describe each band as a fruit, what would the fruit be, and why?

SPNP would be a pineapple ‘cause pineapples are fucking awesome and so much different then other fruits. Lost in Line is like like a peach. If I was in a crowd watching Lost in Line i would want no other fruit in my hand. Bust that shit open and it leaks juice everywhere in a good way but has a hard ass pit in the middle. Oh, can not forget the fuzz, the guitarist Ben is soooo damn hairy.

15-Both the bands decide to play a softball game against each other.Which team do you choose to be on?

-Woah..well. Id be on SPNP, they get all the ladies…

16- Every band has their favourite place for pre/post show eats. What restaraunt do you guys stop at the most eats?

-Fast food cause its greasy as hell. I always seem to have beer in my gut and it helps with that. But then again we try to find those great shwarma places.

17- Being in a band, In know this feeling. If there was one person in your band who you could take in a wrestling ring for 5 minutes to blow off some steam, who would it be?

Oh maaan!, well I dunno id take Stefan on, the drummer for SPNP. He is my best friend and like….probably the biggest challenge would be a fun one.

18- Bands often have a lot of free time pre show. You load in, then have nothing to do for 3 or 4 hours until you play. How do you guys occupy your time?

-We spend some time walking around the city. I also do that by myself, I clear my head and sing to myself. There is nothing specific though, it is always different.


19- Most bands have a family dynamic. In LIL, who’s the dad, mom, etc.

Well in Lost in Line Ben is the dad figure , hairy ass muther fucker, Dan is the lovable brother. I love him. Zak is the annoying mother and I am just the brother. Probably adopted though.

20- If you described your band dynamic as a sitcom group (Friends, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld etc) who would it be?

-Hahahaha,  I’ll just match the guys up with Seinfeld that’s easy. I am Jerry for sure. Zak is Newman, Dan would fit was Costanza I think and Ben is Kramer.


No, go eat a banana and get into local music!


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